All you need is love....
But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt."
....Charles Schultz

You can listen to a wonderful three minute live radio on-air interview of our Spooning Chocolate by clicking the link below...Enjoy!

KPHX 1480AM Radio Review (click here to play)

This product is magical! It melts easily in the cup like a dream. I've been a restaurant owner and caterer for many years and am a lover of gourmet chocolate. I buy a high end Aztec 100% chocolate drink which is supposed to be mixed in water, but now that I've had Spooning Chocolate, I realize that the Aztec drink is much harder to blend together and still ends up having a more watery consistency while being a bit gritty. The Cocoa Canard product has a richer depth of flavor and is very creamy. In fact it rivals a European sipping chocolate that I get at a cafe in Madison which is made with dark chocolate and heavy cream. I love having this rich creamy drink with the spoon and mug I got in the Spooning Chocolate gift set. Truly Spooning is more fun than sipping!

Ann H.
Madison, Wisconsin

I was born in Brooklyn and my parent's business was a tea shop and bakery. I have been a life long chocoholic, which has probably helped me live a full 95 years!! However, I tend to favor milk chocolate and classic hot cocoa. So I was pleasantly surprised that I really enjoyed this dark chocolate product without milk. At first when I tasted it I thought it wasn't sweet enough, but by the time I finished the cup, I realized it was. I also did not miss the milk since the product is so surprisingly creamy and has such a rich chocolate flavor. I guess I can now join the ranks of all those who love dark chocolate. I would be happy to have this every night as it is my custom to have something chocolate after my dinner. This is as good as any hot chocolate I have ever had.

Adel Fishgold
San Anselmo, California

Being a chocolate lover yet intolerant to gluten and dairy, I decided to try Spooning Chocolate. As I find most gluten/dairy free products to not be so good, I didn’t have my hopes up. I was quite surprised when I sipped my first spoonful. The texture was silky and creamy, and there was an array of subtle flavors within the chocolate that were really interesting and delicious. Spooning Chocolate reminded me of good French wine in this respect, having many taste-dimensions to discover and enjoy. Honestly this is best hot chocolate, with or without milk, that I've experienced.

John B.
Tiburon, California

Cocoa Canard Spooning Chocolate makes a perfect cup of hot chocolate, velvety smooth and tasty. I love that it's thicker and richer than regular hot chocolate. In fact, I like the chocolate itself so much I decided to get creative and use it for other things. I start my day with coffee and add three chocolate disks for a perfect dairy free Cafe Mocha. It also works in pudding, chocolate ice cream, mole, and any recipe where you need chocolate to dissolve readily and instantly. I can't wait until I have my next cup of Spooning Chocolate, but I keep snacking on the disks right out of the can so I better get more soon.

Chris Johnson
Escondido, California

Dear Craig,

The only problem I had with the ritual chocolate experience was that I never wanted it to end! Truly decadent :). Thank you for offering the give-away so I could be introduced to this wonderful product. I'll be ordering again very soon.

Stacey J. Fisher, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
East Tennessee State University

I am a huge fan of hot chocolate and Cocoa Canard brings a whole new meaning to hot chocolate. Usually we have the instant in the house which does not in any way compare to this! From now on I am going to be spoiled and want nothing but Cocoa Canard. It's smooth and delicious and you will keep wanting more. This is a perfect treat for the winter time and the cold nights that we are going to have ahead. This would also make a great gift!

Julie Wright
Grand Rapids, MI.

Spooning Chocolate is super delicious and I have to strongly recommend sharing this aphrodisiac drink with your lover!

Lynne S.
Santa Venetia, Ca.

I was given a gift of Spooning Chocolate and I love it! The flavor is just delicious, so rich and flavorful with a lingering nutty taste. My daughter likes counting the chocolate disks and dropping them into the mug and then mixing them up with the mini-molinillo. I have given it to my kids with and without milk and they cannot tell the difference. Another benefit is that instead of a huge mug of hot chocolate, this is smaller and stronger. It's like having a square of chocolate, but in a glass which is why it's a perfect year round drink and not just for winter days. In fact, it makes a nice afternoon pick-me up if you're not into coffee so late in the day.

Rebecca Van Loon
Westlake Village, California

Oh my gosh!!!....it's so good. It's so chocolaty!
Maria Van Loon
age 7
Westlake Village, California

Mommy, why does it taste so yummy?
Tomas Van Loon
Age 4
Westlake Village, California

Thanks, Pal.....my wife just told me she will never be satisfied with regular hot chocolate again...Ha!...She even berated me for eating the little chocolate pearls from the container!....... said I couldn’t do that. Can you imagine that?!

Steve Lanning
Big Pool, MD.

Dear Craig,

I have always enjoyed a really good cup of fine hot chocolate. I wanted you to know that Paul and I really loved "the Spooning Chocolate". The taste was just excellent, the concept superb, and the creation both involving and relaxing.....a perfect winter's drink and a great addition to coffee, cappuccino and espresso.

Thank you so much for this wonderful product.

Ursula Davidson
San Rafael, CA.

I received a beautiful Spooning Chocolate gift set. At first, I was hesitant to sample this hot chocolate as the set itself was one that you just wanted to admire. But, being a chocoholic, I had to make a cup. After counting out 27 dairy and gluten free pure non-bitter dark chocolate pastilles from the can, I put them in this Cocoa Canard Spooning Mug and poured 8 oz of warmed milk on top. I let the chocolate disks dissolve for a moment, before using the mini-molinillo to combine the milk and chocolate. Then, I was ready to enjoy. If you like your hot chocolate made with water or can't drink milk, then you would use 1/4 cup of water in place of the 8 ounces of milk.

As I lifted the cup to my mouth, I couldn't help but smell the rich dark chocolate. And, when I tasted this Spooning Chocolate, I was blown away at how flavorful this hot chocolate was. Out of all the hot chocolates that I have tried over the years, this is by far my favorite!! I couldn't wait for my husband to get home that night, so that he could try it...and, so that I had an excuse to make another cup for myself. :-)

I already have my birthday and Christmas wish lists started and Cocoa Canard's new Spooning Chocolate is #1 on my lists. I will definitely be stocking up and having a few cans on hand when I need a hot chocolate fix. :-)

Robin McCoy
Putnam, CT.

I received Spooning Chocolate a few weeks ago to review for our Mom Blog Society Holiday Gift Guide. It’s was so delicious and just great for any Hot Cocoa lover! I love the taste of this Gourmet Hot Chocolate. You just melt the chocolate, and it’s ready to go. With their adorable gift set you get everything you need, the Spooning Chocolate, cup, spoon (that fits firmly in the cup), stirrer. and gift card (in case you are gifting it). The cup and spoon are really nice, and the Spooning Chocolate is absolutely delightful in the cup. You can also add an additional cup to your order so that you and your significant other can both spoon chocolate together!

Stephanie Mitchell
Grindstone, PA.

I thought it would be fun to feature some luxurious dairy-free foods that offer warmth and double as great gifts. Cocoa Canard Spooning Chocolate fits that bill!
The 64% dark, dairy-free cacao pastilles create a rich, perfectly sweet mug of true, melted hot chocolate . Each generously sized canister contains dark chocolate wafers and a special mini-molinillo (to properly whisk the chocolate) for a nice authentic touch.

Once melted and whipped into hot water, Cocoa Canard Spooning Chocolate has a rich, smooth, semi-sweet flavor that would be appealing to most chocoholic taste buds.
This a special luxury.... definitely a wonderful sipping experience to snuggle up with.
Five Stars!

Alisa Fleming
Best Selling author and creator of Go Dairy Free website

Craig, you were not kidding.....the hot chocolate is amazing! I don't think it's going to last the weekend. I need to put in another order but we need a lot more. I would like to know how many units is in a case and how long can they be kept. It is going to go to Kuwait. So does it travel well? I might also need to order more and would like to know if you can send it to Kuwait for future orders.

Thank you


I'm writing to tell you now much I love your Spooning Chocolate since I first got to try it....it's seriously GOOD! I'm a paramedic/Firefighter put out to pasture for bad knees (climbing in and out of various rigs for 22 years, no doubt!) and being on disability, I now live on a very fixed income. I'm not complaining, it's just the way it is; however, I can no longer afford the finer things like your truly superb chocolate. I know it's SOOO0 much to ask, but I was hoping you would be willing to send a sample my way as I would so love to try it just once more and would be so grateful for your kindness. Yes, or no, I sincerely, thank you for your time and want you to know that your product is really, really superior!

Tammy O'Malley