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Spooning Dairy Free Hot Chocolate for Consenting Adults Spooning Dairy Free Hot Chocolate for Consenting Adults SPOONING MUG
Our Price: $14.99
Our Price: $7.99

"The Espresso of Hot Chocolate"

Traditionally, the most sublime and sensual way to experience the finest chocolate was in it's pure state as a warm lightly sweetened whisked beverage with nothing else added. Melted chocolate slowly sipped from a spoon and left to linger on the palate, awakens every sense, releasing volatile oils, intoxicating aromas, and has even been shown by science to make the antioxidants more readily available.

Now you can send the ultimate gift set for someone you love with a can of our Spooning Chocolate, one of our Spooning Mugs, and a beautiful personalized linen stationary gift card and envelope. You can also order an additional mug for your significant other. This is the optimum way to experience our product by slowing down to savor every mouthful of warm dark chocolate on one's palate. When high quality chocolate is warmed and isn't overwhelmed by the presence of other ingredients, it's rich, earthy, sensual qualities magically come to the forefront. If you haven't had chocolate like this, you haven't had chocolate! And just add 2-3 of our chocolate pastilles in a cup of coffee for the finest Cafe Mocha of your life!

Spooning Chocolate is also very unique in that it is one of the only hot chocolates that exists which uses Fair Trade chocolate and is Dairy Free, Gluten Free, GMO free, and Soy Free using sunflower lecithin!! Our current packaging does not yet reflect this updated info, but will over time.

Please read more about the uniqueness of this amazing beverage in the Buy Spooning Chocolate section.

The perfect way to enjoy and savor every bit of our Spooning Chocolate, especially with someone you love. There is something about Spooning Chocolate from these delightful mugs that allows one to slow down and enjoy a whole other chocolate drinking experience.