Gourmet Milk-Free Spooning Chocolate
The Espresso of Hot Chocolate - Cocoa Canard

We love hot chocolate here….really love it! But the way many people drink it was not our style. We did not want a big mug of hot chocolate with warm milk especially on a hot day and especially after a big meal. But we did not necessarily want a cup of coffee or expresso after a meal as sometimes that can be a bit too stimulating especially later in the evening. Thus, we have our Spooning Chocolate, or what we call “The Espresso of Hot Chocolate.” Now, in the evening, after dinner, I can always find room for a shot of our chocolate brew no matter how much I ate or how warm it is outside. In fact, I just moved to a more remote area in Northern California and look out over a lake all day long. How wonderful it is to go out on the porch with a cup of our Spooning Chocolate and look at the lake and soaring birds and just sit there chatting with my lady friend and enjoying our product. It’s pretty much the experience we want everyone to have.

I know we are a different way of savoring hot chocolate, but once you get into the Spooning Chocolate experience, it is really easy to want it have it every day or at least a few times a week. It is so easy to make and no need for melting chocolate in a saucepan. Just pour hot water on our disks and stir them up in small amount of water. The best way to enjoy it is in our little Cocoa Canard Spooning Mugs with those tiny spoons. It’s our version of the Japanese Tea Ceremony without the tea! I love the testimonials we get from people as to how much they enjoy it. And I have to tell you, just munching on a few of those pastilles is very satisfying also!