Diary free hot chocolate

Spooning Chocolate

"The Espresso of Hot Chocolate"

To experience hot chocolate in its purest form is a wonderful experience. Most people when they say hot chocolate are actually referring to hot cocoa which is a powder mixed with milk and has all the cocoa butter removed. But real hot chocolate is totally different and was originally made as a dairy free hot chocolate beverage with all the cocoa butter intact. Sometimes called sipping chocolate or drinking chocolate, traditional hot chocolate provides a very unique culinary pleasure. But sadly it is almost impossible to find this today. Thus here at Cocoa Canard, we created our sumptuous Spooning Chocolate to "share the love" of this remarkable drink. And just add 2-3 of our chocolate pastilles in a cup of coffee for the finest Cafe Mocha of your life!

We wanted people to be able to enjoy the moment of tasting the real thing. That's because the most sublime and sensual way to experience the finest chocolate has always been in it's pure state as a warm lightly sweetened whisked beverage with nothing else added. Melted chocolate slowly sipped from a spoon and left to linger on the palate, awakens every sense, releasing volatile oils, intoxicating aromas, and has even been shown by science to make the antioxidants more readily available. It truly is a remarkable experience.

So many drinking or sipping chocolate drinks are thickened with milk, cream, corn starch, potato starch, or other stabilizers and thickening agents. But what if you could get the original real dairy free and gluten free sipping and drinking chocolate with nothing added? This was always our goal, to create a dairy free hot chocolate that was so good, you just wanted to share it with someone you love. And thanks to the refinements in chocolate manufacturing over the centuries, we were able to create such a drink with no grittiness and with a rich smoothness that is so extraordinary you will never even miss the milk. As we say here, Bon Appétit!