The Difference Between Hot Chocolate, Drinking Chocolate, & Sipping Chocolate vs Hot Cocoa

What most people call hot chocolate is actually hot cocoa which is made from cocoa powder. However, true hot chocolate is made from melted dark chocolate where the cocoa butter is left intact. The result is a much richer drink and with the right formula like our Spooning Chocolate, can actually mix in water without the need for any dairy. Hot chocolate can be made thicker or thinner depending on how much liquid you mix it in. But if you make it the traditional way as a thick drink, it is known as sipping or drinking chocolate or what we here at Cocoa Canard call Spooning Chocolate.

Today numerous companies create thick sipping or drinking chocolate by mixing dark chocolate with either one or a combination of the following ingredients: milk, cream, corn starch, potato starch and other stabilizers and flavor enhancers. Although still called sipping or drinking chocolate by these manufacturers due to how it is a thicker drink, it is a far cry from the pure unadulterated pure melted dark hot chocolate that originally did not have any of these other ingredients included.

However when made correctly, real hot chocolate in it's purest form as true sipping or drinking chocolate has a natural thickness and mouth feel without all those additional ingredients. At Cocoa Canard, we have gone back to the traditional hot chocolate in it's most basic form with an extraordinary formulation that needs no milk, grain starches, or stabilizers to thicken it up yet still has such a richness and depth of flavor that you will never miss or need the milk.

We call it the Espresso of hot chocolate because sometimes you want just a little bit of pure warm melted dairy free chocolate in the middle of the day or with a meal, and not a big cup of warmed milk with it. That's why our Spooning Chocolate is a year round drink. Now people can enjoy real hot chocolate or sipping and drinking chocolate the way it was meant to be experienced as opposed to just a thinner and weaker hot cocoa. What you will discover is that when high quality chocolate isn't overwhelmed by the presence of other ingredients, it's rich, earthy, sensual qualities magically come to the forefront on your pallet. If you haven't experienced real hot chocolate or sipping and drinking chocolate like this, you haven't had chocolate! This is what true sipping or drinking chocolate should taste like.

We are so happy to introduce people to the pure experience of dairy free hot chocolate the way it was originally enjoyed...only better! Over time, with the many manufacturing refinements in chocolate production, it has allowed us to now create a dairy free hot chocolate or true sipping and drinking chocolate that can amazingly instantly mix up in water with a real body and smoothness and no grittiness that was unheard of years ago. Thus we have taken the original dairy free hot chocolate or drinking chocolate or sipping chocolate to a whole new level of appreciation.