Dairy Free Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate has been around for 2000 years. The original dairy free hot chocolate drink was created by the Mayans as a pure dairy free beverage with no milk added. Over time, as the drink evolved, more and more ingredients were added to the hot chocolate, the biggest change being making the drink with cocoa powder as opposed to real dark chocolate and also the addition of milk. Thus the original dairy free rich hot chocolate drink slowly became a thin watered down version of the original dairy free hot chocolate beverage and therefore more directed towards children. Using cocoa powder enabled the drink to be manufactured much less expensively, but the only way to thicken it up was to then add milk. Some cultures even thicken it up with grains along with cream and milk.

Here at Cocoa Canard we have created what we call "The Expresso of Hot Chocolate." It's the first diary free pure non-bitter dark hot chocolate to instantly melt in a cup of hot water with such a richness that you will never miss the milk. It's a silky refined version of the pure melted dairy free hot chocolate drinks originally served in old world chocolate houses. For people who are lactose intolerant, its miracle. But it is perfect for people who just want a small delightful demitasse of warm dairy free hot chocolate in the afternoon or with a meal and not a whole mug of warm milk. Thus this is a year round product and not just for cold winter days.

What people discover with our dairy free hot chocolate is that when high quality real dark chocolate is warmed and isn't overwhelmed by the presence of other ingredients such as milk, its rich, earthy, sensual qualities magically come to the forefront. Warm real dairy free hot chocolate on the pallet is something few people have ever experienced and once they do, there is nothing like it. The aroma and the flavors are not toned down by the milk and you are left with the finest pure dairy free hot chocolate drinking experience you could ever imagine.

We are so happy to introduce people to the pure experience of dairy free hot chocolate the way it was originally enjoyed...only better! Today with modern refinements in chocolate production, we can create a dairy free hot chocolate that can instantly mix up in water with a real body and smoothness and no grittiness that was unheard of in times past. Thus we have taken the original dairy free hot chocolate to a whole new dimension. And just add 2-3 of our chocolate pastilles in a cup of coffee for the finest Cafe Mocha of your life!