Gluten Free Vegan Hot Chocolate

Gluten today affects an estimated 18 million Americans with untold more people also having a reaction to dairy, soy, nuts, and corn. If you want a true gluten free vegan hot chocolate/hot cocoa you really have to do a bit of research. The increase in people with gluten sensitivity is growing daily and people wonder why it is so widespread today. Most research points to the fact that the hybrid grains we grow today can contain as much as ten times as much gluten as in the past. Thus we are taking much more gluten into our bodies than ever before in recorded history.

You might wonder why finding a gluten free vegan hot chocolate/hot cocoa is even an issue since chocolate by itself, does not naturally contain gluten. Much of this is has to do with three things. First, some companies do add ingredients containing gluten to their hot chocolate/hot cocoa such as grains, stabilizers, and flavor enhancers. Second, there can be cross-contamination where they are producing or storing their chocolate if it is in an environment that also has gluten particles from other products being manufactured. And finally, most companies do not test at all so there is no way of really knowing for sure.

There are hot chocolate/hot cocoa mixes that are termed "gluten free" hot chocolate/hot cocoas and are considered acceptable for the legal limit and labeled gluten free by their manufacturers. But, that doesn’t mean they are completely free of gluten because many people react to gluten below the levels considered legally gluten-free. Thus many companies saying their hot chocolate/hot cocoa is gluten free are saying that they have tested their product to 20 parts per million (ppm), or GF-20 levels, but again people can still have a reaction depending on their sensitivity. And just because they may claim a gluten free hot chocolate/hot cocoa does not mean their other chocolate products they manufacture are gluten free so you really want to be careful here.

Finally, many people talk about the rich thick Italian hot chocolate/hot cocoas. What they most always fail to realize is that many of those drinks are a more recent variation on the original pure hot chocolate/hot cocoa drinks and contain corn starch to thicken them up. Note, that many people with gluten allergies are also sensitive to corn and often want to avoid all grains in their drinks. Also, where and how the corn is stored brings up the possibility once again of cross-contamination with other grains which contain gluten.

So how do you find gluten free vegan hot chocolate that can hold up in just hot water such that you will never miss the milk? This is where Cocoa Canard's Spooning hot Chocolate comes in. It is a remarkable gluten free and even dairy free hot chocolate made from real dark chocolate as opposed to cocoa powder.. What is amazing about our gluten free vegan Spooning hot Chocolate is that it mixes up instantly in a cup of hot water with no milk!! We call it the Espresso of hot chocolate because you can have a little bit in the middle of the day or with a meal and you don't have to have a big mug of warm milk or a product thickened with any kind of grain that could contain gluten. That's why it's a wonderful year round drink.

When high quality chocolate isn't overwhelmed by the presence of other ingredients, be it milk, grains, stabilizers, flavor enhancers, etc., it's rich, earthy, sensual qualities magically come to the forefront. If you haven't had dairy free and gluten free hot chocolate like this, you haven't really experienced the true taste of chocolate! This is what real hot chocolate should taste like.

We are very excited to be able to introduce people to the pure experience of a real gluten free and dairy free vegan hot chocolate the way it was originally enjoyed...only today it is even better! With modern refinements in chocolate production, we are now able to create a dairy free and gluten free vegan hot chocolate that instantly mixes up in water with a real body and smoothness and no grittiness that was unheard of years ago. Thus we have taken the original gluten free and dairy vegan hot chocolate that was invented 2000 years ago to a whole new level.