Unique Hot Cocoa Chocolate Gift Mug
Spooning Chocolate Mug Gift Idea

If you love hot chocolate, then you want to find a way to experience it in it's most basic pure form. To do that, we created a whole brand and product around what we call Spooning Chocolate, real melted dark chocolate with no milk or anything else added. We wanted to initiate a whole chocolate drinking ritual experience that people could enjoy each day, and to that effect, not only did we come up with our delicious Spooning Hot Chocolate, but also our Spooning Hot Chocolate Mugs.

We love these little mugs. It's the perfect way to enjoy real hot chocolate or what is also calling sipping or drinking chocolate. Only this is the real deal...nothing added...and it dissolves right in the cup with a richness and smoothness such that you will never even miss the milk. In fact, we even provide a little wooden whisk in each can to beautifully mix up the drink in our Spooning Hot Chocolate Mugs. Then sit back and slowly enjoy the moment. It's a hot chocolate drinking experience you will absolutely delight in. And what could be more romantic than having a cup of Spooning Chocolate with someone you love. That's what it's all about!