Diary free hot chocolate gift idea

Spooning Chocolate Gift Sets

We love hot chocolate here. I'm not referring to what is normally called hot chocolate, but is hot cocoa which is very very different. True hot chocolate is a thicker more rich decadent drink that once you taste it, you will not easily forget. It also is not the usual sipping chocolate or drinking chocolate you find on the market which is a thicker drink, but conventional sipping or drinking chocolate is most often made thicker with milk, cream, corn starch or other ingredients. But we're talking about the pure richness of real hot melted chocolate which has nothing else added to it yet is so satisfying that you will never even miss the milk. This is what we at Cocoa Canard call Spooning Chocolate. And just add 2-3 of our chocolate pastilles in a cup of coffee for the finest Cafe Mocha of your life!

To enjoy hot chocolate like this in its purest form is truly an amazing experience and we really wanted to share this drink with everyone. Throughout history, from the Mayans to the Aztecs including the European hot chocolate drinking houses, people knew that the most sublime and sensual way to enjoy the finest chocolate has always been in it's pure state as a warm lightly sweetened whisked beverage with nothing else added. Melted chocolate slowly sipped from a spoon and left to linger on the palate, awakens every sense, releasing volatile oils, intoxicating aromas, and has even been shown by science to make the antioxidants more readily available. It truly is a remarkable hot chocolate drinking experience and once you have it, you instinctively want to share it with others.

Thus we created our Spooning Hot Chocolate gift sets so you can do just that. It was the kind of gift that we ourselves wanted to receive and we could not wait to share with others. In fact we started a whole company to do just that! Each gift set comes with a can of our Spooning Chocolate, one or two of our Spooning Mugs, and a beautiful linen stationary gift card and envelope that can be individually personalized. Inside each can is a mini-molinillo, or South American whisk, to stir up the chocolate pastilles right in the Spooning Mug with just hot water. It is this chocolate drinking ritual that we want people to sit back and enjoy each day. We call it the Espresso of hot chocolate as it's just a small immensely satisfying drink that is the gift of love itself. We hope you will share it with someone you love too!